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About Us

Manfred and Thomas

In 1974, Manfred Rose, a legal immigrant from Germany established M&A Tile. M&A Tile represents to true love between Manfred and his wife Anni. Anni soon left Germany and joined Manfred in New York as they pursued their dream of starting a new life in America. M&A Tile rapidly became one of Long Island’s most sought after tile contractors. M&A Tile’s craftsmanship was essential for many of the upscale homes developing along the Long Island’s “Gold Coast.”


Manfred’s eldest son, Thomas Rose, has worked with M&A Tile since he was 16 years old. While working alongside his father, Thomas had the opportunity to learn every aspect of professional tile installation. He absorbed all information his father was able to provide – from mud to grout, no detail was too small.


Today, Thomas has expanded M&A Tile to the Charlotte, NC region. Thomas continues to use the old school workmanship and precision that he has mastered over the past 35 years into today’s developing contracting environment.


M&A does TILE; custom tile instillation of the highest quality with pride.

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